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Holiday Trends


As the holiday season rolls around, certain trends always make a come back. One of the best holiday fashion trends is SEQUINS. Every girl loves wearing something bright and shiny to ring in the new year, or enjoy a christmas dinner party. Michael Kors recently released his holiday line in stores which stocks an abundance of sequin attire. After looking around I decided to compile a bunch of celebrity appearances in sequins…



Let’s see which celebrities also enjoy dressing in sequins from head to toe:

Kristen Cavallari & Katy Perry:

Both ladies look phenomenal in gunmetal/silver sequins! Kristen and Katy also look extremely tan!

*TIP*: Maybe we need to be extremely tan to pull off a silver sequin dress, not sure I can during the winter months!


source: mtv.com

Nicky Hilton & Felicity Jones & Olivia Palermo

Each dress looks different, but each dress has the same idea: bold and shining. No matter what color dress, sequins give the dress a little oomph!


source: fabsugar.com

Emmy Rossum and Jessica Alba both rock blue sequin dresses!


I am definitely excited to search for the perfect sequin party dress for this holiday season! Here are a few sites I recommend to shop around!

1. Michael Kors

2. Express

3. Forever21

4. QVC/Kardashian Kollection

5. Tobi

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There are many people who support President Obama, but there’s few that show it! Celebrities are his biggest  fans and they make it known by wearing certain outfits, or coining certain phrases.

Here are some celebrities that say it loud and proud that they support President Obama!


Bee & Jay-Z are Obama’s biggest supporters, they even threw him a fundraiser party!



Take a look at President Obama DUSTING HIS SHOULDERS OFF!

Katy Perry!

Katy is a huge supporter as well, and has worn numerous outfits that clearly state she was voting for Obama:




Trey Songz!

Trey is a famous R&B singer, and obviously a huge Obama fan.

Sarah Jessica Parker!

She is another celebrity who left her house wearing her ultimate, VIVA OBAMA shirt.

 Miley Cyrus!
She rocked her new short pixie cut with a cute Obama shirt. Miley is one of the younger supporters that doesn’t mind sharing her voting choice.
Lastly, Kim Kardashian!
Kim is one of the only TV personalities that wore her Obama pride shirt! Not that Kim’s decision really has any relevance considering she’s not much of a politician. But you know what…every vote counts!

These are the celebrities that I saw wear their Obama gear, and loved it! Nothing wrong with strongly supporting your candidate!

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