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Long Claw Nails: Celebrity Style

It has been a recent obsession for celebrities to wear these super long, claw-like nails. Obviously, this topic will only fascinate people who love nails. And even then it’s unclear why we obsess over long nails… or nails period.

Quickly, let’s go over why women love long nails. First off, they elongate the fingers. Not 100% sure why women like to have longer fingers. Maybe rings look better on long, skinny fingers. Secondly, long nails give more room for decoration. Therefore, one can paint designs, pictures, and even words on his/her nails. Finally, long nails make it easier to scratch one’s head, pop pimples (disgusting), open cans, etc.

The current obsession of long CLAW-like nails is not apparent to me. I guess it’s just something different.

Here are a few celebrities that have taken the obsession to a new level:

Lady Gaga: 

ImageMiss Gaga loves her long claw nails. She keeps hers especially sharp too!

Demi Lovato: 


Miss Lovato keeps her nails super funky, and colorful, just like her personality.

Nicki Minaj: 


Miss Minaj also keeps her claws super colorful to match her colorful outfits.

Rihanna & Beyonce: 


Rihanna and Beyonce definitely have 1 thing in common, crazy nails. I feel like Rihanna and Beyonce take it to another level… super ultra funky nails.

Let’s see what nail trends are next!

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