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Tattoos have been considered a taboo across generations, but it doesn’t stop people from getting them. And celebrities love making statements through tattoos on their bodies.

I’ve googled some photos of the WORST celebrity tattoos ever, and here’s the list:

1. Jamie Foxx, actor, rapper, singer, comedian: He decided to get this tattoo to celebrate his 40th birthday…what was he thinking?!


Not sure why anyone would want a tattoo on their head?

Moving on.. #2. Eve, singer, rapper

She’s known for flaunting her claw tattoos on her chest. Everyone is entitled to their own style and taste, but this is hideous.


#3. Hayden Panettiere, actor

She decided to get a tattoo of an italian phrase, “Vivere senza rimpianti” which means “live with no regrets” UNFORTUNATELY, she didn’t double check her spelling, and the tattoo came out misspelled as “vivere senza rimipianti” OH WELL!


#4. Kat Von D, tattoo artist

She’s known for being COVERED in tattoos. She is a tattoo artist, however not sure why she thinks it’s ok to tattoo every piece of skin on her body?!


I can’t decide whether all her tattoos are actually significant, or meaningless, spur of the moment inks.

#5. Katie Price, former glamour model

I’m not really sure who Katie Price is exactly, but I see her often on the celebrity blogs. All I DO KNOW is that she has this awful tattoo on her wrist which consists of her ex-husbands name with a HUGE ‘X’ mark on it. That’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen.


And lastly, #6. Brad Pitt, actor.

Not really sure why he would let Angelina do this to his back. Besides having a flawless, gorgeous face, his back is completely messed up.


And that’s it for the WORST celebrity tattoos!

The Absolute, Worst Celebrity Tattoos!

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