Celebrity Halloween Costumes: trending


Halloween is only a few weeks away, and stores have already began to sell out of costumes. Halloween is a celebrity favorite, with many celebrities dressing up with or without kids. I’m not huge on dressing up, but I do love to see what celebrities think of.  I love to see which celebrities have the worst ideas, or which ones have the best costume designers. Let’s take a look at the past celebrity costumes, and decide which ones will be trending this year!

Let’s start with Kim Kardashian. Every year she dresses up, and has the cutest costume. However, my all time favorite was when she dressed up as Wonderwoman. The costume was done well, with her makeup and hair. She looked like a super hot superwoman:


Next, let’s look at one of the BEST costumes from the past. Heidi Klum is known to be the sexiest Victoria’s Secret supermodel. However- she also has the best costume ideas. Her costumes are 100% original, as well as immensely detailed. The costume that was awarded best costume was when she dressed up as Hindu Goddess Kali. (Which upset many Hindu leaders, however I’m not sure why). The costume was intricately detailed with Kali’s many arms carrying various things like a severed head.


Now let’s take a look at a couple who always look like they’re having fun dressing up together. If you have a significant other, take note!

I thought it was so cute that Mariah was a bag of cookies, and Nick was milk!
Finally… if you’re a bit more risky and love playing it up during Halloween-take notes from Rihanna and CoCo. These two ladies know how to dress sexy .. which for some may be a bit too scandalous?
The best thing about the pre-halloween season is guessing which costumes will make it big in 2012!
Here are my guesses:
1. PSY, Korean Rapper:
2. Pretty much any character from Game of Thrones
3. Magic Mike Strippers!
4. The Avengers
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