Who Wore the Peplum Dress Better?!?


The first 2 contestants for the peplum showdown are: Jennifer Hudson v. Jennifer Aniston!


Jennifer Hudson looks stunning in her black peplum dress, with black stockings and black pumps. I’m going to have to go with Ms. Hudson on this one. There’s something about that sexy little black dress that emphasizes her curves.

Up next on our showdown are Jessica Simpson v. Jessica Biel


Although the two are wearing 2 completely different peplum dresses, I must say Jessica Biel looks stunning in her dress. The entire outfit stands out, including her cute hot pink pumps. Jessica Simpson is super cute in her dress, however it does nothing for her figure. And round 2 goes to Jessica Biel.

Lastly, we have Kourtney Kardashian v. Kim Kardashian. Which sister will win?


I absolutely love the Kardashians! Everything they wear is always chic and flattering. I do love Kourtney’s petite peplum dress with her python clutch. However, Kim looks STUNNING in that nude peplum dress. Her outfit is tied together with the black lace heels. Obviously, Kim has a better stylist! But that doesn’t change the fact that she rocked the outfit.

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