5 New Facts about Olympian Ryan Lochte

As you all should know, Ryan Lochte is an 11-time Olympic medalist. He is 28 years old, and stunningly handsome.

1. He has racked up guest spots on numerous TV shows such as :

  • 30 Rock
  • 90210
  • Gossip Girl
  • Almost the new “Bachelor” but not quite what they wanted.
  • Still a contender for Dancing With The Stars

Ryan Lochte on set of ’30 Rock’ (source: bestmoviesevernews.com)

2. He’s not only confident in the swimming pool, but he’s supposedly crushing on Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively!

Ryan is totally crushing on Blake, even though she’s taken by Ryan Reynolds (source: media.metronews.topscms.com)

  • He also gave Zimbio.com a few hints into the kind of girl he likes: “I like girls who are confident enough to wear sexy dresses and have a wild night out and [then] be the complete opposite and be able to chill and wear shorts and a football jersey around the house,” he said. “A woman wearing an oversized jersey – or especially a guy’s button-down shirt with no pants – is by far the sexiest thing. (source: zimbio.com)

3. He recently teamed up with Gillette to donate $25,000 to the swim club where he started his swimming career.

Ryan Lochte teamed up with Gillette (source: pg-na.isebox.net)

4. Ryan recently went out to Las Vegas and ended up partying with Prince Harry! He also told Jimmy Fallon that the two had a swim race in Vegas, but of course Ryan won.

Ryan Lochte parties with Prince Harry (source: Hollywoodreporter.com)

5. Finally, Ryan also explained why he wore a teeth grill after winning a medal at the Olympics. He told Jimmy Fallon that he was dared to wear the custom american flag grill if he won. However, the Olympic committee advised him not to wear it on the podium. Instead, he flaunted it many other times after winning. The grill was created for him by Paul Wall and Johnny Dang, reportedly costing $25,000.

Ryan Lochte sports his $25,000 custom, american flag grill! (source: usmagazine.com)


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