Celebrities With Crazy Fans

It has come to my attention that there are some crazy people out there. But people have taken it to another level by being crazy fans! There was an incident last week that made me realize people love their celebrities, and will even fight other people to defend their idolized celebrities. Last week Chris Brown was involved in a twitter feud with comedian, Jenny Johnson. Basically this is how it went down:

Chris: (tweets a picture with caption) “I look old as f**k! I’m only 23.”

Jenny: @chrisbrown “I know! Being a worthless piece of sh*t can really age a person.”

Chris: @jenny “Take them teeth out when u Sucking my d**k HOE”

Jenny: @chrisbrown “It’s ‘HO’ not ‘HOE’ you ignorant f**k.”

As you can see, the feud quickly escalated becoming extremely vulgar and disrespectful. A few days after the feud Jenny Johnson explained that she never imagined the amount of death threats she received. Apparently Chris Brown fans were so angry with her behavior that they tweeted and emailed death threats to her for messing with him. Obviously, these fans are crazy and feel like Chris Brown is their close friend who needs saving.

Let’s take a look at which other celebrities have fans that do crazy things for them!

1. Justin Bieber!


Remember a few months ago when some girl claimed she was pregnant with Justin’s baby?! Well… let’s just say that EVERY BIEBER FAN went crazy sending her the most outrageous death threats:


Yes… those are the crazy BELIEBERS…

2. One Direction


Recently, Harry Styles was seen walking side by side with Taylor Swift. Apparently, the young 1D fans were not happy. The directioners sent her threats such as: “I will kill u!” or “I’ll murder Taylor Swift” or “She will not date my Harry!”

3. Karrueche Tran “Chris Brown’s EX”


Back when Chris was dating Karrueche, Rihanna fans were still pretty upset about the whole ChrisBrownRihannaScandal. However, they did NOT approve of him dating another girl, none the less Karrueche. She received an incredible amount of death threats from Rihanna’s loyal fans!


So what’s the verdict?!? FANS ARE CRAZY. Supposedly there’s a syndrome out there called: Celebrity Worship Syndrome. And I believe it’s a real thing because these young fans get so obsessed with celebrities that their morals are disregarded. It does not make any sense to send someone death threats, especially when you have no right to!

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Holiday Trends


As the holiday season rolls around, certain trends always make a come back. One of the best holiday fashion trends is SEQUINS. Every girl loves wearing something bright and shiny to ring in the new year, or enjoy a christmas dinner party. Michael Kors recently released his holiday line in stores which stocks an abundance of sequin attire. After looking around I decided to compile a bunch of celebrity appearances in sequins…



Let’s see which celebrities also enjoy dressing in sequins from head to toe:

Kristen Cavallari & Katy Perry:

Both ladies look phenomenal in gunmetal/silver sequins! Kristen and Katy also look extremely tan!

*TIP*: Maybe we need to be extremely tan to pull off a silver sequin dress, not sure I can during the winter months!


source: mtv.com

Nicky Hilton & Felicity Jones & Olivia Palermo

Each dress looks different, but each dress has the same idea: bold and shining. No matter what color dress, sequins give the dress a little oomph!


source: fabsugar.com

Emmy Rossum and Jessica Alba both rock blue sequin dresses!


I am definitely excited to search for the perfect sequin party dress for this holiday season! Here are a few sites I recommend to shop around!

1. Michael Kors

2. Express

3. Forever21

4. QVC/Kardashian Kollection

5. Tobi

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There are many people who support President Obama, but there’s few that show it! Celebrities are his biggest  fans and they make it known by wearing certain outfits, or coining certain phrases.

Here are some celebrities that say it loud and proud that they support President Obama!


Bee & Jay-Z are Obama’s biggest supporters, they even threw him a fundraiser party!



Take a look at President Obama DUSTING HIS SHOULDERS OFF!

Katy Perry!

Katy is a huge supporter as well, and has worn numerous outfits that clearly state she was voting for Obama:




Trey Songz!

Trey is a famous R&B singer, and obviously a huge Obama fan.

Sarah Jessica Parker!

She is another celebrity who left her house wearing her ultimate, VIVA OBAMA shirt.

 Miley Cyrus!
She rocked her new short pixie cut with a cute Obama shirt. Miley is one of the younger supporters that doesn’t mind sharing her voting choice.
Lastly, Kim Kardashian!
Kim is one of the only TV personalities that wore her Obama pride shirt! Not that Kim’s decision really has any relevance considering she’s not much of a politician. But you know what…every vote counts!

These are the celebrities that I saw wear their Obama gear, and loved it! Nothing wrong with strongly supporting your candidate!

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Tattoos have been considered a taboo across generations, but it doesn’t stop people from getting them. And celebrities love making statements through tattoos on their bodies.

I’ve googled some photos of the WORST celebrity tattoos ever, and here’s the list:

1. Jamie Foxx, actor, rapper, singer, comedian: He decided to get this tattoo to celebrate his 40th birthday…what was he thinking?!


Not sure why anyone would want a tattoo on their head?

Moving on.. #2. Eve, singer, rapper

She’s known for flaunting her claw tattoos on her chest. Everyone is entitled to their own style and taste, but this is hideous.


#3. Hayden Panettiere, actor

She decided to get a tattoo of an italian phrase, “Vivere senza rimpianti” which means “live with no regrets” UNFORTUNATELY, she didn’t double check her spelling, and the tattoo came out misspelled as “vivere senza rimipianti” OH WELL!


#4. Kat Von D, tattoo artist

She’s known for being COVERED in tattoos. She is a tattoo artist, however not sure why she thinks it’s ok to tattoo every piece of skin on her body?!


I can’t decide whether all her tattoos are actually significant, or meaningless, spur of the moment inks.

#5. Katie Price, former glamour model

I’m not really sure who Katie Price is exactly, but I see her often on the celebrity blogs. All I DO KNOW is that she has this awful tattoo on her wrist which consists of her ex-husbands name with a HUGE ‘X’ mark on it. That’s probably the worst thing I’ve ever seen.


And lastly, #6. Brad Pitt, actor.

Not really sure why he would let Angelina do this to his back. Besides having a flawless, gorgeous face, his back is completely messed up.


And that’s it for the WORST celebrity tattoos!

The Absolute, Worst Celebrity Tattoos!

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Celebrity Halloween Costumes: trending


Halloween is only a few weeks away, and stores have already began to sell out of costumes. Halloween is a celebrity favorite, with many celebrities dressing up with or without kids. I’m not huge on dressing up, but I do love to see what celebrities think of.  I love to see which celebrities have the worst ideas, or which ones have the best costume designers. Let’s take a look at the past celebrity costumes, and decide which ones will be trending this year!

Let’s start with Kim Kardashian. Every year she dresses up, and has the cutest costume. However, my all time favorite was when she dressed up as Wonderwoman. The costume was done well, with her makeup and hair. She looked like a super hot superwoman:


Next, let’s look at one of the BEST costumes from the past. Heidi Klum is known to be the sexiest Victoria’s Secret supermodel. However- she also has the best costume ideas. Her costumes are 100% original, as well as immensely detailed. The costume that was awarded best costume was when she dressed up as Hindu Goddess Kali. (Which upset many Hindu leaders, however I’m not sure why). The costume was intricately detailed with Kali’s many arms carrying various things like a severed head.


Now let’s take a look at a couple who always look like they’re having fun dressing up together. If you have a significant other, take note!

I thought it was so cute that Mariah was a bag of cookies, and Nick was milk!
Finally… if you’re a bit more risky and love playing it up during Halloween-take notes from Rihanna and CoCo. These two ladies know how to dress sexy .. which for some may be a bit too scandalous?
The best thing about the pre-halloween season is guessing which costumes will make it big in 2012!
Here are my guesses:
1. PSY, Korean Rapper:
2. Pretty much any character from Game of Thrones
3. Magic Mike Strippers!
4. The Avengers
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Long Claw Nails: Celebrity Style

It has been a recent obsession for celebrities to wear these super long, claw-like nails. Obviously, this topic will only fascinate people who love nails. And even then it’s unclear why we obsess over long nails… or nails period.

Quickly, let’s go over why women love long nails. First off, they elongate the fingers. Not 100% sure why women like to have longer fingers. Maybe rings look better on long, skinny fingers. Secondly, long nails give more room for decoration. Therefore, one can paint designs, pictures, and even words on his/her nails. Finally, long nails make it easier to scratch one’s head, pop pimples (disgusting), open cans, etc.

The current obsession of long CLAW-like nails is not apparent to me. I guess it’s just something different.

Here are a few celebrities that have taken the obsession to a new level:

Lady Gaga: 

ImageMiss Gaga loves her long claw nails. She keeps hers especially sharp too!

Demi Lovato: 


Miss Lovato keeps her nails super funky, and colorful, just like her personality.

Nicki Minaj: 


Miss Minaj also keeps her claws super colorful to match her colorful outfits.

Rihanna & Beyonce: 


Rihanna and Beyonce definitely have 1 thing in common, crazy nails. I feel like Rihanna and Beyonce take it to another level… super ultra funky nails.

Let’s see what nail trends are next!

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Celebrity Engagement Rings! Congrats Blake & Ryan!

Due to the recently married couple Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, I figured it was a good time to review which celebrities have the most OVER THE TOP wedding rings.Engagement rings are a symbol of love and commitment. I totally believe a man should spend a sufficient amount on an engagement ring. I mean, HELLO, you should only be buying one in a lifetime. Make it your biggest purchase! I don’t suppose I’d reject my boyfriend if he ended up proposing with a less-than-perfect ring, it is the thought that counts. But if he knows me well, he knows I’d love to show off our love with a nice, big rock! What girl wouldn’t?!

Supposedly, Ryan spent $2 million on Blake’s ring:


(source: stylenews.com)

Up next on our list:

Kate Middleton: her ring is an 18-karat SAPPHIRE ring that once belonged to Prince William’s late mother, princess Diana.


(source: zimbio.com)

Kim Kardashian: Although her marriage to Kris Humphries didn’t work out, he did buy her a 20.5-carat ring, estimated value at $2 million. The ring literally takes over her entire finger!


Beyonce: is another one who has a ring that weighs her finger down. Her ring is valued at more than$5 million!! I do believe she’s wroth it, especially since Beyonce and Jay-Z have been together from the start. Bonnie & Clyde peopleeee!


(source: justjared)

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Who Wore the Peplum Dress Better?!?


The first 2 contestants for the peplum showdown are: Jennifer Hudson v. Jennifer Aniston!


Jennifer Hudson looks stunning in her black peplum dress, with black stockings and black pumps. I’m going to have to go with Ms. Hudson on this one. There’s something about that sexy little black dress that emphasizes her curves.

Up next on our showdown are Jessica Simpson v. Jessica Biel


Although the two are wearing 2 completely different peplum dresses, I must say Jessica Biel looks stunning in her dress. The entire outfit stands out, including her cute hot pink pumps. Jessica Simpson is super cute in her dress, however it does nothing for her figure. And round 2 goes to Jessica Biel.

Lastly, we have Kourtney Kardashian v. Kim Kardashian. Which sister will win?


I absolutely love the Kardashians! Everything they wear is always chic and flattering. I do love Kourtney’s petite peplum dress with her python clutch. However, Kim looks STUNNING in that nude peplum dress. Her outfit is tied together with the black lace heels. Obviously, Kim has a better stylist! But that doesn’t change the fact that she rocked the outfit.

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5 New Facts about Olympian Ryan Lochte

As you all should know, Ryan Lochte is an 11-time Olympic medalist. He is 28 years old, and stunningly handsome.

1. He has racked up guest spots on numerous TV shows such as :

  • 30 Rock
  • 90210
  • Gossip Girl
  • Almost the new “Bachelor” but not quite what they wanted.
  • Still a contender for Dancing With The Stars

Ryan Lochte on set of ’30 Rock’ (source: bestmoviesevernews.com)

2. He’s not only confident in the swimming pool, but he’s supposedly crushing on Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively!

Ryan is totally crushing on Blake, even though she’s taken by Ryan Reynolds (source: media.metronews.topscms.com)

  • He also gave Zimbio.com a few hints into the kind of girl he likes: “I like girls who are confident enough to wear sexy dresses and have a wild night out and [then] be the complete opposite and be able to chill and wear shorts and a football jersey around the house,” he said. “A woman wearing an oversized jersey – or especially a guy’s button-down shirt with no pants – is by far the sexiest thing. (source: zimbio.com)

3. He recently teamed up with Gillette to donate $25,000 to the swim club where he started his swimming career.

Ryan Lochte teamed up with Gillette (source: pg-na.isebox.net)

4. Ryan recently went out to Las Vegas and ended up partying with Prince Harry! He also told Jimmy Fallon that the two had a swim race in Vegas, but of course Ryan won.

Ryan Lochte parties with Prince Harry (source: Hollywoodreporter.com)

5. Finally, Ryan also explained why he wore a teeth grill after winning a medal at the Olympics. He told Jimmy Fallon that he was dared to wear the custom american flag grill if he won. However, the Olympic committee advised him not to wear it on the podium. Instead, he flaunted it many other times after winning. The grill was created for him by Paul Wall and Johnny Dang, reportedly costing $25,000.

Ryan Lochte sports his $25,000 custom, american flag grill! (source: usmagazine.com)